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The Sonali Times team is going to work on a very large scale. Sonali Times More than 20 people are working with us continuously. To convey the truth to you from the very beginning.

sonali times is a popular online news portal in Bangladesh. We are one step ahead in revealing the truth. In Sonali Times we publish all kinds of news including education, jobs, crime of the country.

Those who are working on our Sonali Times News site. Some information is highlighted below.

Hamidur Rahman Belal He collects news and is in charge of watching and listening to news sites. The site launched on October 15, 2020. Has been working with reputation so far. There are some more reporters who collect news on our site.

We are always one step ahead in revealing the truth. We want to present the truth to the people first. Suppose our team is always working day and night. If you cooperate with us. Only then can we go farther.

We hope you will help us in any way you can. Our happiness and sorrow will be our companions. News site is a popular social media. For example, we get the news quickly. We are going to start our path with that medium in front of us.
Our main purpose:
In order to be the first to present all the true news happening around us to the people.

Our main objective is to bring all the true news of the country first. We are working day and night for this purpose.

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Our address:
Bajitkhila Bazar,
Sherpur Sadar, Sherpur-2100
Mobile Phone: 01906046787